So, I’m sure you are all waiting with baited breath to hear how subbing at the high school went, right?  No?  Well, then move on to something else, because that is my topic today. First off, I had to get up at 5:30, ouch!  Left the house at 6:30, arrived at the high school at […]

It’s Wednesday, the day’s almost over and I am only just now getting around to my post.  Parenting is today’s topic, but I first want to say that my evil “Make the preschool realize how value I am” scheme only partly worked. So, I was at work and no one said anything about needing me […]

So, I worked at the preschool today and was wondering if they’re going to need me on Thursday like it was hinted at yesterday.  No mention of Thursday, but they asked me to work tomorrow in the youngest class because they’ve gotten two new kiddos.  I have a hard time saying no even though I […]

I worked at the preschool today and before I left they asked if I could work again tomorrow.  They might even need me on Thursday.  I sure wish I made as much money at the preschool as I do subbing for the district; it’s so much easier, the hours are better and I can wear […]

Just in case I get too busy today, I wanted to at least get a short post out saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there who may stumble upon or actually follow my blog. I love Thanksgiving because it’s a time to spend with your loved ones cooking, eating, cleaning, visiting, and watching football, even […]

Wednesday topic:  parenting.  Let’s see, I’ll just write what’s going on today and that should cover it.  It’s just after 8 am and I woke up about 10 minutes ago.  I decided to get my blog post done right off the bat instead of waiting until the last few hours of the day like I […]

Education is the topic of the day, but I’m going to bend it a little. Instead, I want to talk about my favorite movie of all time. It came out in 1999, but I’m sure I didn’t see it until we could rent it at Fred’s Video. I enjoyed it so much that whenever any […]