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The Occasional Blogger

I’m thinking maybe I need to change the name of my blog to “The Occasional Blogger” after this past two weeks.  Yeah, sure last week I was sick and this week I’m not back to 100% but I’m feeling much better, however, I’m just not in the mood to write, post, blog, share with the world. […]

Wide Open 18

So, I’m sure you are all waiting with baited breath to hear how subbing at the high school went, right?  No?  Well, then move on to something else, because that is my topic today. First off, I had to get up at 5:30, ouch!  Left the house at 6:30, arrived at the high school at […]


Just in case I get too busy today, I wanted to at least get a short post out saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there who may stumble upon or actually follow my blog. I love Thanksgiving because it’s a time to spend with your loved ones cooking, eating, cleaning, visiting, and watching football, even […]

Breast Cancer, my story

Six years ago, the day before Thanksgiving, Second son and Middle son were home from college and I was giving Second son a haircut. The phone rang and it was the doctor from the breast imaging center calling to give me the bad news that my biopsy was positive. I had breast cancer. My husband […]

Wide Open Week 15

The other day I mentioned that some of my parenting is different than societal norms.  Well, I thought I’d open up and explain some of those differences. First off, I nursed all of my kiddos.  Ok, so that may not be way out there, but I nursed them beyond the normal range for Western society.  […]

Voting was so easy this year!

The other night, hubby and I went to vote.  It was so easy, even though I was in the middle of cooking supper when he remembered that it was voting day and we hadn’t yet cast out votes.  We just turned the burners off, picked up our voter cards and headed out the door.  In […]

It’s Thursday, no oops again!

Ok, I’m officially back on track, getting my posts done a day ahead and scheduling them out.  I’m feeling good about it.  I am also feeling good because I SURVIVED my first day of subbing for the school district yesterday!!!!!!!! Yes, I did it.  The kids did not wear me down.  Well, I was pretty […]