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They Deserve Better

Last night at the grocery store, I bumped into a woman I worked with at the preschool.  She and all the other women there are very nurturing and have the best intentions, but after our conversation I left feeling very sad.  She was telling me about how she and her co-teacher already have their class […]


Have I mentioned that a friend of mine is writing a book about unschooling?    We have been getting together once every 6 weeks or so to visit and support each other in our endeavors. Yesterday, I had the day off of work (flex time!) and drove into town to attend her first speaking engagement […]

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

I did it; I missed my self imposed deadline yesterday.  I completely forgot to write my Monday post.  It didn’t even pop into my head.  I did think about it on Sunday, but I had kids and doggies in town so I quickly put it out of my mind. Over the weekend, the tickle in […]


So, I worked at the preschool today and was wondering if they’re going to need me on Thursday like it was hinted at yesterday.  No mention of Thursday, but they asked me to work tomorrow in the youngest class because they’ve gotten two new kiddos.  I have a hard time saying no even though I […]


Education is the topic of the day, but I’m going to bend it a little. Instead, I want to talk about my favorite movie of all time. It came out in 1999, but I’m sure I didn’t see it until we could rent it at Fred’s Video. I enjoyed it so much that whenever any […]

Special Education

You know how last week I said that I believe the public school system was pretty much just a babysitting coop with a little education thrown in?  Well, I still believe that, but I feel like the Special Education classes (at least the one I subbed in last week) are a very valuable resource for […]


Education in our country is really just a large babysitting coop with a little education thrown in.  I mean, really we all know this.  Maybe it didn’t start out that way, but it has evolved into that.  Single parent households definitely need a free babysitter and even most two parent households need both parents working […]