Time Flies

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since I’ve posted. I did not make my goal of 100 posts. Shame on me. I fell short by 18. My excuse? Life got busy; first there were the holidays, with kids and grand-dogs in town, and then in January I began subbing on a permanent basis at the pre-school four days a week and I subbed for the district the fifth day if I could get a spot. I was also very involved with my volunteering as I had taken on the job of Financial Coordinator for the upcoming La Leche League of Texas Biennial Conference. We were meeting once a month and almost all of my free time was spent on the computer working on the conference.

After spring break, I was able to pass on one of my preschool subbing days to a co-worker, but this was done so that I could devote a second day each week to working for the school district. Even so, I barely made my required 30 days of subbing for the district to be automatically kept on the sub list for the next school year.

At the end of the school year, my time working on the conference increased. I easily worked 10 to 12 hours a day for the next 8 weeks to make sure we had the sponsors, vendors, registrants, room block, A/V needs, speaker travel arrangements, meal counts, and many other assorted details worked out so that our conference was a success. And a success it was. We had over 250 registrants and we made a profit of 25%.

The rest of the summer was spent closing out the conference finances and relaxing a bit. I had made one trip in early summer to visit my daughter and son-in-law in their town three hours away. The month of August was also spent trying to get my car to pass the state vehicle inspection. What a headache! After numerous, and by numerous I mean dozens, maybe scores of trips to the small mechanics’ shop and over 1100 miles added to my car in less than a month, and many hours spent by my husband changing parts, I took the easy way out and got a waiver. Yes, my engine light is back on and the undiscovered problem is still there, but the car runs fine and I can ignore the possible glitch in the computer system until next summer.

The end of August also brought an actual interview for a job, a real job! I had applied online for a local university for a job in their accounts payables department. Over the last seven years I had applied for eight jobs with the same university in assorted positions, office assistant, secretary, business assistant, HR assistant… The only interview request I ever received was for an accounting technician. It turned out in that interview that the hiring team already had their first choice to hire picked out, but there was another position open in accounts payables, a travel assistant and they encouraged me to apply for it. I did and was offered the job mid September. They didn’t waste any time at that point and asked me to start the following week. I accepted and have now been employed full time for the last 5 ½ weeks.

And I’m loving it. The pay is not great, but it’s decent. They offered me the top of the pay range for the position and I really appreciated that. And don’t get me wrong. The pay, well, it’s pay. It’s better than I was making subbing and what’s really beneficial is having benefits. I’m so excited that we were able to leave our old Obama-care medical plans in the dust. They were really nothing more than catastrophic plans. Starting next month we will have decent insurance; phew, what a relief.

Medical insurance is only a part of the benefits I receive. Dental insurance, paid vacation, paid sick leave, fitness release time, flex time, a beautiful campus with abundant wildlife, but most of all having a wonderful group of co-workers makes accepting this job the best thing that has happened this year. Well, that and getting a steady paycheck, because let’s face it my main reason for getting a job was to become a financially contributing member of my household.

So, that pretty much brings me up to date.  I doubt anyone really missed me, but just in case, I’m back!  I don’t expect to revert to my regimented 4 days a week self imposed schedule.  This is the first weekend of the month, so maybe I’ll be kind to myself and say once a month around the first of each month.  If that works out, we’ll see if I feel like increasing it to once a week.

I’m curious to see what if anything working for a University will do to my stance on education.  I’ve actually been meeting and talking with a friend about us writing books on unschooling.  There’s a better chance of her following through with it, but you never know.  I might have a book lurking inside me.


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