The Occasional Blogger

I’m thinking maybe I need to change the name of my blog to “The Occasional Blogger” after this past two weeks.  Yeah, sure last week I was sick and this week I’m not back to 100% but I’m feeling much better, however, I’m just not in the mood to write, post, blog, share with the world.

Is this the end?

Will I get the urge to write back?

Who knows?  I do know that I haven’t much thought about blogging between being sick, trying to get some Christmas shopping done on an extremely tight budget, subbing at the preschool and having out of town kids in town.

Second son graduated with his Masters of Science in Finance last Sunday.  We cooked chicken and beef fajitas to celebrate.  It was a small celebration, hubby, me, hubby’s brother, Second son and his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s sister, Middle son and his wife.  We had a great time sitting around listening to Second son and Middle son play guitar and all of us singing when we knew the words to the songs.

Alright, this is all the time and energy I have today to devote to my occasional blog.

p.s.  Second son is going on an interview today with the company that Middle son works for even though the company has a nepotism policy in place.  Not sure if they are considering abolishing the policy, but it would be great if he got the job!  Keep your fingers crossed 😀


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