A Day Late and A Dollar Short

I did it; I missed my self imposed deadline yesterday.  I completely forgot to write my Monday post.  It didn’t even pop into my head.  I did think about it on Sunday, but I had kids and doggies in town so I quickly put it out of my mind.

Over the weekend, the tickle in the back of my throat became an actual sore throat, but I didn’t feel bad, no headache, no fever, no fatigue.  If it’s a bug, I’m sure I caught it from the preschoolers who have been coughing on me, so I figured as long as I felt fine, it would be fine to go in to work on Monday at the preschool.

It was fun because I was the only teacher.  I had six students.  I thought I was going to be in the youngest class, but it turns out they needed me in the 2 year old class, the one I’ve worked in most.  I enjoyed working by myself, deciding what table top toys to set out, getting them all to settle for snack time, coming up with inside games since it was too cold and damp to go out to the playground.  I did have an aide who came in at the scheduled diaper changing time and to relieve me for lunch, but for the most part, I was on my own.

I did pretty much lose my voice by quitting time and my throat was a little more sore, so when I came home, hubby sent me to the couch, made me a hot toddy and I found an old movie to watch, “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise.  I’d never seen it so it was fun to watch.

I didn’t move off the couch all evening except to eat a bowl of soup, take some cough syrup and get online and register today as a non-work day for the district.  I did not want to deal with my phone ringing at 5:15 am this morning.  I went to bed before nine and slept well except for the occasional coughing spams.  Twelve hours later, I still have a sore throat and a bit of a headache.  I’m hoping being lazy all day will get me back on track, that and using my neti pot and drinking lots of hot tea.

In my current state of less than a hundred percent, this post will have to do for yesterday and today.  I must be sicker than I think I am because I actually thought about not writing at all, today or any other day.  I thought about quitting this experiment of a blog.  I’ve been thinking that anyway, perhaps quitting at 100 posts.  I don’t know.  I’ll save that decision for another day.

Here’s a blog post I want to remember to check out later so I’m going to link to it here.  I do not know if the tips are worthwhile or not, but if I don’t link it now, I’ll probably never be able to find it again to read it!


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