Wide Open 18

So, I’m sure you are all waiting with baited breath to hear how subbing at the high school went, right?  No?  Well, then move on to something else, because that is my topic today.

First off, I had to get up at 5:30, ouch!  Left the house at 6:30, arrived at the high school at 6:43.  Lots and lots of students already there.  What a shame, these growing teens should be at home, in bed, asleep.  This high school is only a couple of years old.  I must say, the parking situation was very nice.  They even had spaces especially for subs!  I liked that.

The staff was courteous and helpful.  They have the sub folder all ready to go complete with a map stapled to the inside.  A map is a necessity as the school is very, very big.  The inside has a mall, office complex, small city feel to it.  I did not explore more than a third of the school, but I did notice a credit union on the ground floor.  I never saw or even smelled the cafeteria, and couldn’t locate it on the map, either.  Each wing, I’m thinking there were four wings, has it’s own small lobby with it’s own counselors and teachers’ lounge.

My first, third and fourth period classes were World Geography and they all had the same assignment which was to label rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, and major landforms of Russia.  The flip side of the map had the list of items to label along with five questions they had to answer.  The students were able to use a world atlas to aide in their task.  The map was about the crappiest copy of a map to use.  It took me all three class periods to do the map myself!  We really had to work to get it done.  We used the index which gave the page number and the longitude and latitude and we actually had to use those coordinates to locate the correct spot on the map for quite a few of the items.  I enjoyed walking around the classroom as the kids worked helping anyone who was frustrated and having difficulties.

What I didn’t enjoy was having to hush the kids who were doing more visiting than working over and over again.  That’s the hard part about subbing, knowing that there will always be kids who will take advantage of there being a sub and not exhibit the behavior that they do for their teacher.  Of course, I could be wrong and those kids are rowdy for their teacher, too.

For second period, I sat in a hallway watching the two doors from a testing room.  My instructions were to only allow one student at a time go from the testing room to the bathroom across the hall.  I assume this is to deter cheating on the test.  During the whole fifty minutes only one kid came out of the room.

Sixth period was his conference period.  I checked with the front office to see if they needed me anywhere for that one class and they didn’t, so, I got to have an hour and twenty minute lunch break!  That was super nice, especially because I hadn’t had anything but a smoothie for breakfast five and a half hours earlier.

An interesting part of my day was the fact that this teacher is also a boys’ basketball coach.  The details on the assignment didn’t mention that!  Fifth period and seventh period was the allotted time for basketball.  All I had to do was take roll.  There was another coach there to give instructions, so I just sat around and watched.  Seventh period was the last class of the day and the coach in that class let me leave after we took roll.  That was nice.  I got out of there thirty minutes early!

I survived subbing high school and hopefully, I will again tomorrow.  It definitely was not as bad as I thought it might be.  But I still dislike public schools and forcing kids to be there if that’s not what they want.


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