So, I worked at the preschool today and was wondering if they’re going to need me on Thursday like it was hinted at yesterday.  No mention of Thursday, but they asked me to work tomorrow in the youngest class because they’ve gotten two new kiddos.  I have a hard time saying no even though I could be making about $25 a day more if I picked up a district subbing job.  I said sure.

I mentioned to the assistant director how much more I can make working for the district and it makes it difficult to want to work at the preschool over the district.  Later in the day she told me she actually told the director that she thought I’d work for them four days a week if they could match the district’s pay rate, but of course the director said there is no way she could do that.  And I understand that it wouldn’t be right unless they could pay all of their teachers the higher rate.  Anyway, it made me feel good that she threw it out there.  If nothing else, it will remind the director why I am not always available to sub for them.

I felt a little badly about it, but as soon as I got home I checked to see if there were any district jobs available on Thursday so that when I’m working tomorrow and they ask at the last minute if I can work on Thursday I’ll already have a district job lined up and have to say no.  I know, I’m weak and the only way I can say no is if I absolutely can’t do it.  Heck, I’ve even been known to change already made plans to help out, but I wouldn’t feel right backing out of a district job, just the same as I’ve had to say no to the district because I had already said yes to the preschool.  That has happened on two different occasions, now.

So, the only district job available for Thursday is actually a two day job, Thursday and Friday, at a high school, 7.5 miles away (the preschool is only about 2 miles away) but I took it.  I’ll make in two days more than I will have made in three days at the preschool.  And right now, it’s pretty much all about the money, gotta pay those bills and with Christmas coming up, yep, I can use a bigger paycheck.

I haven’t subbed at a high school yet.  It’s for a World Geography class.  I’ll report back next week on how that goes!  Today’s topic was Education.  Not much of a tie in with Education, but let’s see, I hit preschool, high school, a small lesson on economics and supply and demand, yeah, that’s enough for today!


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