Back to Work

I worked at the preschool today and before I left they asked if I could work again tomorrow.  They might even need me on Thursday.  I sure wish I made as much money at the preschool as I do subbing for the district; it’s so much easier, the hours are better and I can wear blue jeans every day not just on Fridays, plus the class sizes are smaller and the kids are better behaved!

The preschool hasn’t yet found a replacement for the teacher taking maternity leave in January, so it looks like I’ll be there two days a week starting then.  I’ve only worked for the district 7 days so far which means to stay on their sub  list for next year I’ll have to work at least another 23 days before the end of the school year.  Let’s see, that means an average of 4 days a month between now and then, which averages out to 1 day a week.  So, 2 days a week at the preschool and at least 1 a week in the district; I can manage that.  The problem will be finding a district job at schools nearby on the days I’m not at the preschool.  That may prove more difficult.

Short post today, those preschoolers wore me out.  I need a nap now.


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