Education is the topic of the day, but I’m going to bend it a little. Instead, I want to talk about my favorite movie of all time. It came out in 1999, but I’m sure I didn’t see it until we could rent it at Fred’s Video. I enjoyed it so much that whenever any of my kids asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told them I wanted this movie. For some reason, it took about 5 years of asking for it before one of them got it for me. I think I’ve only watched it once since they got it for me, but the other day we caught it on showtime and oh my goodness, I loved it as much, maybe even more than the first time I saw it. I caught myself grinning from ear to ear throughout most of it. There are parts of the movie that I laugh uncontrollably leading up to parts that I know are hilarious.

One of the reasons I like this movie is because the subplot of it deals with how people treat each other, how a person is raised and educated (see this post does have a link to education!) and how being different is ok. Another reason is because I love Perry Como!

So, are you curious to know what it is? It’s Blast From the Past with Brendan Fraser, Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek, Alicia Silverstone and Dave Foley. I think you can watch it free on the Yahoo movie ap. Do yourself a favor and watch it!


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