Unpaid Vacation Days are here!

Today, this whole week, I’m on unpaid vacation.  Although I’m not able to pick up any subbing jobs this week in the school district or the preschool, which means I won’t be making any money this week, I’m excited about having the whole week off.  This morning, hubby woke up around 6:30 and commented about my phone not ringing at 5 am.  He hadn’t realized that the district took the whole week for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I slept in until 9!  I wouldn’t ordinarily sleep that late, but it was raining and I don’t know about you, but I sleep like a baby when it rains.

Where did that saying come from?  My babies never seemed to sleep more than a two hour stretch without waking up.

Anyways, I got to sleep in this morning which was nice.  Now that I’m up, I’m doing more unpaid work, my blog and then I need to get crackin’ on cleaning the house.  Well, before the actual cleaning, I need to do some de-cluttering.  We took some boxes out of the attic recently and they’ve been in the dining room since then.  I sorted through a couple of them and got rid of some junk, but with turkey dinner coming up I need to get the dining room in shape.  We now have an empty bedroom so the boxes can be moved in there, but I need to leave enough room for an air mattress and overnight bags because we’ve got kids and doggies coming to town for the holidays.

There are still more boxes in the attic and some in the garage, but they will have to wait.  I’m not sure if the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas will even be enough time to sort through them all, but that is my goal.  That way, the ones that belong to the kids can be sorted into stacks per kid, then they can have a look and decide what they want to keep, take with them, trash or give away.  High hopes, I know, but you’ve got to aim high!

Alrighty, today’s post is short, I don’t know about sweet, but it will just have to do.


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