Parenting post 16

I overheard some women talking to a pregnant teacher at lunch yesterday and they were telling her how glad they were that they had epidurals during their labor. I hesitated, not wanting to interrupt, but I just couldn’t let this pregnant lady hear such a one sided conversation. I not only joined in the conversation but jumped in with both feet and told her that the more natural a birth, the better for her and the baby and went on to tell her briefly how with each birth I learned more and gained confidence in my body and what it was supposed to do and how my best and last births were my twins at home on their due date.
The pregnant lady asked about my first delivery and was interested to know how each subsequent birth improved. One of the other women expressed that everyone is different and it’s a personal choice (she sounded a bit defensive.) I agreed with her of course. I considered saying that it’s not necessarily the best choice for baby, but I held my tongue. There was no reason to irritate the two women who were already feeling defensive and I had done what I intended which was to give the pregnant woman an alternative point of view so she could consider her options.
Medical interventions are wonderful when they are needed, but there can be side effects to you and your baby and they raise the odds of having a c-section. Women need to educate themselves of the risks and make an informed decision.
Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox now and go back to being a couch potato!


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