Education in our country is really just a large babysitting coop with a little education thrown in.  I mean, really we all know this.  Maybe it didn’t start out that way, but it has evolved into that.  Single parent households definitely need a free babysitter and even most two parent households need both parents working to make ends meet and so need a free babysitter.  Well, it’s not really free since we pay school taxes, but you know what I mean.

My sister-in-law who is an administrator in a nearby school district made a remark the other day that kindergarten changed to full day from half day because of the needs of working parents.  She said adding pre-K also stemmed from working parents’ need for full time day care.

Tomorrow, I’m subbing at the preschool.  I bumped into the teacher I’ll be subbing for at the grocery store this afternoon.  She let me know where they were in their craft project and what I’d need to try and get done tomorrow.  Preschool is so much more fun than real school.  We just play, eat a snack, play on the playground, play inside some more, do arts and crafts, eat lunch, take a nap, and then play until pick up time.  Our program is two to four days from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The only thing we try to teach is how to get along well with others, to respect each other and to listen to your teacher.  Of course, I usually sub in the 2 to 2 ½ year old class and sometimes in the 1 to 1 ½ year  old class.  In the lower classes we begin to teach just by pointing things out as we play, but not in any kind of academic structure. I think the next three levels probably do start actually teaching the alphabet and numbers and shapes and such with a little structure.

Me, I like learning without a lot of structure, learning as it comes along naturally.  Ok, this post is a day late and a dollar short.  Oh well, bear with me, I’m not big on structure, you know! 

p.s.  I know a lot of teachers would be angry with me for saying that there is only a little education thrown in, but if you take into consideration how many classroom hours are spent over 12 plus years how can anyone disagree with my statement?


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