I could work every day subbing if I wanted to! I should work every day for the money, but subbing wears me out so I haven’t been subbing every day.

I worked four days last week. I wasn’t planning on working today, in fact, I had put in today as a non-work day so that the automatic calling system wouldn’t wake me at 5:30 am! I got up around 7:30 and leisurely started my non-work day. At 8:00, my phone rang. It said it was as unknown caller. I usually don’t answer unknown calls, but I did this time. It was the school where I subbed my first day. The school secretary pleaded with me, ok, maybe pleaded is too strong a word. She asked if there was any way I could sub today and I caved. I said yes.

I’m subbing for the preschool on Wednesday so I went ahead and put in for tomorrow, Tuesday as a non-work day.

Second son and his girlfriend were in town this past weekend, but we didn’t see much of them since they were in town for a wedding. They stayed over Sunday night and that’s why I had put in for a non-work day today, so I could see them and visit with them today, so i felt bad when i accepted the job. I was worried that they’d leave before I got home, but they were still here, yay! They are staying over another night and I am definitely not answering any unknown callers tomorrow morning!


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