Back to what I love!

My Wednesday topic of Parenting is a safe topic for me, even though some of my parenting is different than societal norms.  Writing about employment and education, especially since my employment is in education (ok, you may say substituting is not real education, but I beg to differ), anyhow, writing about the educational system frustrates me.  So, back to what I love, parenting, at least for today, anyway.

So things have been pretty different around here since Middle son moved out and got married.  Youngest son was here after Middle son moved out but left for field work a couple of days after the wedding, so hubby and I have had the house to ourselves, well, during the week anyway.  On Friday evening, Oldest son and his two doggies came in.  He had dropped his girlfriend and her dog at her brother’s house.  They had all come in to help her brother paint his home’s interior.  Oldest son wanted to spend the night here instead of over there, plus he wanted to leave the doggies with us; they’d be in the way with all the painting going on.  Girlfriend’s dog is much better behaved and calm.  His doggies are still puppies and rambunctious as all get out until they plop down in your lap like a ton of bricks and promptly fall asleep.

They all came back and spent Saturday night here and we kept all three doggies while they went back on Sunday to paint some more.  The painting lasted much longer on Sunday than they had expected so I cooked us all some supper when they got back.  Girlfriend worked on a paper that she needed to turn in before midnight.  She’s working on a psychology degree while working full time.  She got it done after a quick break to eat supper and they finally got on the road for home around 9 pm.  That’s a three and a half hour drive home.  Good thing she got that paper out of the way!

I’m really glad we’re easing into this empty nester thing, cuz I really like having my kids around.  Middle son and his wife got back from their honeymoon on Saturday.  On Sunday they went to her parents’ house to visit and pick up their wedding gifts that had been given to them at their wedding and they had not yet had a chance to open.  Then, they came to our house and visited for about an hour.  They brought us a cool souvenir from their trip.  photo 2 - CopyIt’s the blue and white celestial art work.  Fits right in, doesn’t it?  We haven’t been to see their place since we helped move them in.  They invited us to supper this Thursday, so that will be fun to see how they’ve fixed it all up.  He did send me a picture of his kitchen counter after they got home on Sunday even and set up some of those wedding gifts.  He was all excited because he said it’s starting to feel like a real kitchen.

photo 3 You know why else I love being a parent?  Check out this Easter card my daughter gave me when she was 11.  photo 4 photo 5 - Copy  Parenting really is the best job ever.


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