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Just in case I get too busy today, I wanted to at least get a short post out saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there who may stumble upon or actually follow my blog. I love Thanksgiving because it’s a time to spend with your loved ones cooking, eating, cleaning, visiting, and watching football, even […]

Parenting post 17

Wednesday topic:  parenting.  Let’s see, I’ll just write what’s going on today and that should cover it.  It’s just after 8 am and I woke up about 10 minutes ago.  I decided to get my blog post done right off the bat instead of waiting until the last few hours of the day like I […]


Education is the topic of the day, but I’m going to bend it a little. Instead, I want to talk about my favorite movie of all time. It came out in 1999, but I’m sure I didn’t see it until we could rent it at Fred’s Video. I enjoyed it so much that whenever any […]

Unpaid Vacation Days are here!

Today, this whole week, I’m on unpaid vacation.  Although I’m not able to pick up any subbing jobs this week in the school district or the preschool, which means I won’t be making any money this week, I’m excited about having the whole week off.  This morning, hubby woke up around 6:30 and commented about […]

Breast Cancer, my story

Six years ago, the day before Thanksgiving, Second son and Middle son were home from college and I was giving Second son a haircut. The phone rang and it was the doctor from the breast imaging center calling to give me the bad news that my biopsy was positive. I had breast cancer. My husband […]

Parenting post 16

I overheard some women talking to a pregnant teacher at lunch yesterday and they were telling her how glad they were that they had epidurals during their labor. I hesitated, not wanting to interrupt, but I just couldn’t let this pregnant lady hear such a one sided conversation. I not only joined in the conversation […]

Special Education

You know how last week I said that I believe the public school system was pretty much just a babysitting coop with a little education thrown in?  Well, I still believe that, but I feel like the Special Education classes (at least the one I subbed in last week) are a very valuable resource for […]