It’s Wednesday, no oops!

Back on schedule and working on my post the day before it’s due, Yes!  Let’s see Wednesday topic: Parenting.  Hmm, I could talk about how we are getting closer and closer to being empty-nesters.

With Middle son moving out a couple of weeks ago, we only have one kid residing with us and that’s only two weeks out of every month.  And he is itching to get his own place, he just hasn’t had much of a chance to look for one.  What with the bachelor party to plan and attend, then the rehearsal and then the wedding, he’s been pretty busy.  The two weeks home (which as I’ve explained before is really only 12 days) goes by so quickly.  During his two weeks working, he’s been doing the 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift so it takes a couple of days to get his clock turned back around.  He and hubby did take a day last week and go driving around the part of Big City where his office will be to scope out some neighborhoods.  They saw one house that he is considering.  If it is still available when he gets back they’ll go check out the inside.  It’s a foreclosure and it’s been on the market for several months so there’s a good chance it will still be available (fingers crossed.)

Middle son took all of his furniture of course, but he also took some items from the garage and I got to him to go through the kitchen cabinets.  With his room empty, we took some more items out of the garage and put them in his old room, after we were done painting.  We still have some more rearranging of furniture we can do which will give us even more elbow room.  The plan is to then start pulling boxes out of the attic and go through them one by one to see if they are full of items which can be given away or tossed out, and then any really sentimental items can be condensed into fewer boxes and hopefully the kids will at some point take their sentimental items and store them themselves.  Hey, there’s always hope.

Alright, I know this is a short post, but it’s my second one today plus I need to figure out what I’m wearing tomorrow!   I’ll probably have a lot to share with you tomorrow about how my first subbing job went!

1396005_10151746745442058_1505154913_n another picture from the honeymooners!




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