Oops, it’s Tuesday!

I have got to get back on schedule.  I had been very good about doing my posts at least the evening before and having them scheduled to publish automatically.  Now, I’m barely getting them in by the skin of my teeth.  The time stamp on yesterday’s post was 11:59 p.m. last night!!!  If I had gone back and proofread it one more time, I would have missed it and the date would have been today instead of yesterday!  It was too late at that point to do today’s post so I put it off for today.

Hubby woke me up at 4:55 a.m. this morning to say bye to Youngest son as he was heading off to work in the field for the next two weeks.  I hugged him goodbye, waved while he drove off, then turned and headed back inside the house, plopped down on the couch and fell back asleep for a couple of hours.  During the ten minutes I was outside, I had missed a call for a substitute job so when I finally got up, I logged in to see what jobs were available.  There weren’t any nearby me, so I rejected them, although there were some jobs posted for the rest of the week which are fairly close by.  I signed up for tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.  Tomorrow is 3rd grade, Thursday is 2nd grade and Friday is Kindergarten.  I’m getting so excited!

Today ‘s topic is education, so my subbing fits right in with that, but instead of me sharing my opinion on education, how about you guys giving me tips for substituting?  Tomorrow will be my first day ever subbing for the school district so I could really use any suggestions you have as a sub yourself or as a teacher or as a parent.  My daughter already gave me a good one, to ask the kids early on what their teacher does to get their attention, flip the light switch, clap, wave my hands above my head, whatever it is, find it out early so during transitioning I don’t lose my voice trying to get their attention.

Alrighty, I’m gonna wrap this up and try to get back on schedule and get tomorrow’s post ready!

p.s. here’s a picture from the honeymooners


Don’t forget to give me tips and suggestions!


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