Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

It’s Saturday, so I know you’re not used to hearing from me over the weekend, but I just had to post to say that the rehearsal went FABULOUS!  And so did the rehearsal lunch.  Really, really pleased that everything went so smoothly.  The slide show was a hit and the food was great.  The frozen margaritas were tasty and the price was within budget.  Sure hope it all plays out the same tomorrow.  Here are a few pics from the rehearsal:

Middle son’s future father-in-law handing off the bride.  Instead of a regular handshake they did the cool guys on the street handshake, you know where they shake hands, then slide hands out to a fingertip grab, then fist pump, then bump knuckles, or some sort of 3 to 4 stage handshake.  This got a laugh out of everyone because it was so unexpected and I’m sure unplanned although they glided through it as if that’s how they always greet each other.  We’re all wondering if they’ll reenact it at the real wedding.

photo 1

Here we have a cute series showing the ring bearer (bride’s nephew ) crawling up to join the couple and without any hesitation the bride scoops him up and hands him off to Middle son who holds him through the rest of the rehearsal and they carry on as if they are a ready made family.

photo 1.5photo 2photo 3photo 5

Here I am with the flower girls.              photo 6


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