Wide Open post 12

Yikes, I almost messed up my self-imposed work schedule! I’ve just been so busy with last minute wedding preparations. Remember my list from an earlier post? Well, I don’t have it in front of me, but I’ve been running around town finishing it off. I even did more than was on my list. I got my hair trimmed, my eyebrows threaded (never done that before!), found a belt instead of shoes for the dress I’m wearing for the rehearsal lunch, bought the makeup necessary to make me look decent for wedding pictures, purchased no-panty line undies, called the restaurant with final numbers for the rehearsal lunch, printed pictures for and made a page for the scrapbook my daughter is making for her soon to be sister in law, and I even picked up my ID badge for subbing.

While I was doing all those things over the last two days, hubby was building bathroom shelves, putting in a new kitchen light fixture, a hallway niche and a closet shelf and then painting the empty bedroom that Middle son used to inhabit, and doing some paint touch up in others parts of the house. Since I finally got done with wedding stuff, I helped hubby by cutting in the bedroom walls. Now my neck and shoulders ache from looking and reaching up to the ceiling. I should have used a taller step-stool!

Second son’s girlfriend has been a big help to me this week with makeup and hair suggestions. It’s been fun hanging out with her. We’ve gone on two long walks in the neighborhood in addition to all the walking we did while shopping.

Second son has been busy with his masters classes, so girlfriend has been trying to give him plenty of quiet time. They’ve still managed to meet up with friends and today is her granny’s bday so they are off visiting her right now.

So, all of this just to say that I almost forgot to post today! Good thing tomorrow is my day off! See you back here on Monday. By then, I’ll have another kid married off!

New light fixture! Oh, and he cooked meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight and then cleaned the kitchen. Do I have a keeper or what? I think I’ll hang onto him another 34 years :-D.


On one of our walks.



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