Volunteer Work today and a Weekend Update

Today, I’m going to Big City to do some volunteer work for the International Breastfeeding support group non-profit which I’ve been volunteering with for the last 26 years.  We have a conference every two years and I’m on the finance committee.  We need to finalize the registration fees.  I volunteered to be the Conference Treasurer.  It’s the first time I’ve done it for the conference although I’ve been Treasurer for the Area for the last 8 years.

I still have not gone to get my ID badge for subbing for the school district.  One day this week, I’ll take care of that.  My daughter sent me an email saying that her school district is in need of substitutes so badly that they are suspending the requirement that subs have to have a state teaching certificate.  I do not have a teaching certificate.  I asked her if they still require a bachelor’s degree even though they are no longer requiring the certificate.  I do not have a bachelor’s degree, only an associate’s.  I haven’t heard back from her, yet.  I checked their website, but it hasn’t even been changed in reference to the teaching certificate requirement.

This weekend was nice.  Two of my out of town kids came into town.  The daughter and her husband came in on Saturday and left on Sunday.  They were in town to go to a friend’s 25th bday party.  Youngest son went to it, too.  Second son and his girlfriend came in Friday night and are staying the whole week on through next weekend for Middle son’s wedding.

Did I tell you how Middle son couldn’t decide who he wanted for his best man?  He has a hard time making decisions, sometimes, well, actually often.  So, he wanted all three of his brothers as his Best Men.  I tried to tell him that he’d still have to decide who would stand where in relation to him during the wedding ceremony, and who would make the Best Man speech, and who would carry the rings, and who would plan the bachelor party.  He still wanted all three brothers up there, all as Best Men.  In addition to them, he has two groomsmen.

I don’t have a whole heck of a lot to do this week, just purchase some makeup since I don’t usually wear much.  I figured I should at least wear some foundation and mascara in addition to the blush and lipstick I normally wear when I dress nicely.  I need to get my nails done late in the week.  I need to figure out what shoes I’m wearing to the rehearsal.  I need to purchase some of those eyeglass holders, necklace thingys.  I have reading glasses that I need so often that I usually just wear them pushed up on my head so that they are readily accessible, but that really messes with my hair (which is another thing I need to decide on, how to wear my hair and whether or not to get it cut this week.)  I also need to purchase a pair of those undies that don’t show a panty line and I do NOT mean a thong.  The dress I have is not tight, tight, but it is form fitting and I will be dancing the mother son dance with all eyes, well most eyes on us and I do not want to have visible panty lines.

Did I tell you what song we picked to dance to?  Paul Simon’s Loves Me Like a Rock.  Perfect song!  Great tempo, good lyrics and it’s not too long.  He came by the house today and while he was here we practiced a little.  I am not much of a dancer, so it was good that we practiced some.

Ok, I need to sign off now and get on the road.  Catch ya tomorrow.


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