Monday, Monday

It’s Monday.  I’ll be subbing at the preschool today.  I still haven’t received the email from the school district notifying me to come in for my ID badge.  It’ll happen when it happens.  I’m subbing at the preschool again tomorrow and I’ve got a son (youngest son) coming home for his two weeks off on Wednesday, another son (second son) and his girl friend coming in on Friday and staying through the weekend and on through the following weekend which will bring the wedding of middle son (the one who moved out this weekend.)  I’m gonna be pretty busy so, I probably wouldn’t be picking up many sub jobs even if I had the ID badge already.

The weekend move went well.  We had a lot of rain in the forecast, and had to wait for the rain to stop before we could get started, but we managed to hit the perfect windows of no rain and got everything loaded into the Uhaul, fiance’s car and hubby’s pickup, transported into town, and unloaded before the next downpour hit.  At our house it was hubby, me, middle son and the fiancé working hard with hubby and son doing all the heavy lifting.  At fiance’s house a friend of their’s and son did the heavy lifting while fiancé, hubby and I moved the medium and lighter stuff.  The friend had to get ready for work, so he wasn’t able to help unload, but a friend/co-worker of son showed up at the new place and he and son did all the heavy lifting there.  And that was rough because it’s a three story townhome with the living room on the second floor and the master on the third.  Middle son is tall and strong, thank goodness, seeing as how he had to do heavy lifting at all three locations. Of course it is his place, so it’s to be expected.  Hubby kept things moving getting items from within the truck to the rest of us.  Fiance and I moved medium and light stuff, but even that was difficult trudging up and down two flights of stairs over and over again.  I got to a point where I was just taking everything to the downstairs bedroom, not caring what room was written on the box.  Getting it inside before the rain was the most important, well that and not having a heart attack.

This was probably only the second time one of our kids has moved and a sibling wasn’t around to help.  And with five kids and all the moves to and from colleges and from one apartment into another, we’re talking lots and lots of moves.  Usually, at least one or more siblings are available to lend a hand, but now that they’re scattered it’s becoming harder to help each other out.  Hubby and I have managed to be involved in every one of their moves.  Wait, I take that back.  My statistics are wrong.  There was a move in August in which second son helped oldest son and hubby and I weren’t in town to help out.

I only shed a few tears on Saturday.  And it wasn’t because I was unhappy that middle son was moving out.  It was just because I know we won’t be seeing him as often and I’m gonna miss him.  I didn’t have to miss him too long, he and fiancé came by on Sunday to pick up his car and a few more items which had been overlooked on Saturday.  While putting the legs on their dining room table Saturday evening, he realized he doesn’t have his own tools.  When they went on their first shopping trip to stock their pantry and fridge, he picked up an allen wrench set.   So, while they were here on Sunday, hubby grabbed an old toolbox (an old one of his dad’s actually) and emptied it out.  He handed it to him and told him to go fill it up from the other five toolboxes.  Hubby has collected so many tools over the years that he has way more than he needs.  Middle son managed to sort through and find a full set of wrenches and sockets, standard and metric and all the other basic tools except a hammer.  I wouldn’t let him take a single hammer even though I think I saw three while we were sorting through the tools.  The reason I was stingy with the hammers is that whenever I need a hammer, I can never find one.

On Saturday, I got him to go through the kitchen cabinets and cull the mismatched coffee mugs and glassware.  I know that fiancé got sets of matching glassware at her bridal shower, but it’s nice to have those odds and ends that you don’t worry about chipping and tossing away or leaving at a friend’s house.  Among the items he had overlooked on Saturday and which I had begun stacking on a table in the washroom were the old stained towels which he uses after his weekly washing of his car, some beach towels which I think he’d confiscated from his fiancé over the years, a cardboard box of assorted unopened bottles of alcohol leftover and sent home with him from his bachelor party weekend a few weeks back, his bottles of shampoos and conditioners and his shower curtain, a few items in the pantry which I’m sure we won’t eat such as boil in bag rice, an unopened jar of grape jelly (the one in our fridge seldom gets used so he might as well take the unopened one), and a couple of soft-sided coolers.

I spent most of the weekend rearranging things in the house, moving items from cluttered parts of the house to areas left empty by son’s move.  This encouraged me to look at the messy surfaces throughout the house and de-clutter these areas as well.  I’m really pleased with myself and what I accomplished this weekend.  Keeping busy also helped with the change in routine, knowing middle son wouldn’t be walking in the door or catching a movie on tv with us.  It was nice that they dropped in on Sunday for a bit.  I don’t expect that will be a weekly happening, but I’ll enjoy it however often it does happen.

My apologies, Mondays are supposed to be about employment.  I did mention my subbing, but I hijacked the post with talk about the weekend.  Oh well, it’s my blog and I can bend my rules if I want to.  No one is forcing you to read this blog, that is assuming you are still reading at this point.  If you managed to read this far, how about leaving a comment just so I know a few of you really read to the end?  If I don’t get any comments, I’m going to begin to wonder . . .

 IMG_2427   Fill ‘er up


Fill ‘er up some more

    IMG_2438  And that wasn’t all, but I forgot to take a picture when it was jam packed :-/


And when we were done, it rained.  IMG_2543




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