Cherish the Moments

I woke up just before 4 this morning, but didn’t get up.  I woke up again around 4:20 and got up that time.  I sat quietly in the living room in the dark reading email on my phone.  Around 4:30 my son got up to start his day and was startled when he walked into the room and saw my face lit up by my phone.  I used to get up every morning and offer to make him an egg sandwich or scrambled egg tacos which he sometimes accepted and other times declined.  I hadn’t been doing that for a long time, now.  But this morning my mind wouldn’t let me sleep, it knew it wanted this last morning visit.

We chatted a few minutes before he made his way to the kitchen.  He is such a creature of habit.  Every morning, he gets a plastic cup, fills it with ice, pours in the hot coffee, and sticks the cup in the freezer.  Then he pours a cup of hot coffee which he takes with him back to his room to drink while he gets ready.  Twenty to thirty minutes later, he’s showered and dressed, and looking sharp.  He grabs his iced coffee out of the freezer and visits for a few more minutes and then heads out the door for his 50 minute drive to work.  I’m gonna miss the opportunity to have these early morning chats, which usually only my husband is up for.  We’re both gonna miss hearing his car pull back into the driveway after a long 12 hour day.  

Tomorrow, a U-haul truck will be filled with boxes and furniture and nic nacs and he’ll be off.  I’m really glad he moved back home after college.  These last two years have been a joy seeing what a responsible young adult he has become and hearing tidbits about his days at work or what he has going on over the weekend.  He has not paid off his student loans, but only because he was hoping to use the money to put down on a home.  Since he and his fiance didn’t find a place to buy, he will be paying them off with the money he saved by living at home.  So, even though we didn’t pay for his college, we’ve helped him get to a point where he can pay off his loans.

He’s going to be very happy with his shortened commute starting next Monday, a mere 15 to 20 minutes.  I’m sure he’ll still put in a longer day than he’s required because that’s the kind of guy he is, but being away from home 11 hours a day is much better than 12 especially when that extra hour is one less hour spent on the road.

Yes, I’m going to miss hearing about his day, wondering if he’ll be eating dinner with us or  working out or meeting up with his fiance or bringing home the Buffalo Wild Wings’ Thursday special.  I’ll miss seeing him every weekend with his weekend ritual of getting ready to go work out at the gym, but being delayed by an hour or so visiting with us over coffee and then washing his car after working out and before getting cleaned up for the day.  

But this is how life is suppose to be, so I wouldn’t wish it any other way.  You raise your kids and they go off and live their lives.  But it does make me a little melancholy.  Being a parent is the best job around and the hardest.  Cherish the moments.


a t-shirt I made for his birthday last year showing how much and how little he’s changed


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