Wide Open post 10

Oh my goodness!  Has it really been ten whole weeks that I’ve been blogging?  Ok, ten weeks may not be long compared to other blogs out there that have years behind them, but for me, I’m really impressed.  I wasn’t sure if I could be consistent with the four days a week commitment I imposed upon myself.  Ok, a four days a week commitment may not be overwhelming to most lot of you, but when you aren’t used to doing anything but cooking and cleaning and taking care of kids for over a quarter of a century albeit it seven days a week, 365 days a year, it takes some getting used to.

Second oldest son, girlfriend and their doggie left after dinner last night.  It was nice that they stayed so long.  Yesterday was a very leisurely spent day.  The four of us ate a mid morning breakfast that hubby cooked.  Girlfriend and I lingered at the breakfast table for a couple of hours chatting and catching up.  A little after noon I made a quick trip to the post office to mail the rehearsal invitations, swung by the grocery store and picked up what I needed to make chili cheese dogs.  I wasn’t sure when they might be heading out and wanted to feed them a favorite meal before they left.  We ate around two and then got in a couple more hours visiting.

Middle son’s fiancé asked me to contact wedding invitees who had not yet responded so I did that for the next hour and a half.  Then it was time to think about cooking supper.  Since second son and girlfriend hadn’t indicated they were heading for home anytime soon, I asked if they wanted me to cook fajitas for dinner.  A big grin was their reply.  I marinated the meat while I got the rice started.  I popped the meat in the broiler and heated some garlic and cumin in an iron skilled then added a can of black beans to it.  Girlfriend made some cheese dip.  We heated some flour tortillas over an open flame and we were good to go.  We would have had guacamole, but the avocados at the store had not been close to being ripe.  Not long after dinner they headed out on their three hour drive home.

While they were here, second son and hubby messed around with the ’59 Ford F150 in the back yard.  They got it started and moved it to the front yard.  It died half way and they had to push it the last twenty feet.  The twins (daughter and youngest son) bought it when they were 14 and worked on it using a shoestring budget.  They took it from a non-running junker to a pretty cool looking gas guzzling truck.  I think it only got about 8 miles to the gallon.  They didn’t do a lot of driving around it in, but youngest son did drive it back and forth to high school for a while and his part time job.  They’ve considered selling it a number of times, but they couldn’t get the amount of money they put into it, so it has stayed, undriven, moving with us, taking up room on the driveway or in the back yard.  Now that youngest son has a good paying job, he plans on fixing it up again and since hubby got the boat sold and off the driveway the truck is the next project.

 truck before the day we got the truck

 truck after 1  after a lot of work

 truck after   Out for a drive  truck after 2


Oh, by the way, middle son and his fiancé’s townhome application was approved and they will be moving into it this weekend.  I call that “just in the nick of time!”  The wedding is in two and a half weeks!!




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