Parenting post 10

Today is a big day! I am about to head to the post office to purchase stamps to affix to the long awaited rehearsal lunch invitation envelopes!!!  Yippie!!!  YES, that means that my son and I finally found a restaurant which met or met closely enough all the parameters set by said son.

Availability = yes.

Private room = good enough (semi private.)

Affordability = yes.

Location = it’ll do (45 min. drive from venue, but since venue is out in the boonies, it is essentially back in the right direction towards home.)

Audio visual capabilities = check (flat screen tv).

Sentimentality rating = perfectomundo (one of son and his fiancé’s favorite restaurants.)

I just booked it today, but I had already been working on the invitations just leaving the restaurant blank until I knew for sure that we had it, so it was a cinch printing them out and addressing the envelopes last night.

I also found a pair of shoes to wear to the wedding.  Now, I just need a pair of shoes for the rehearsal lunch.  I really don’t have a lot of dressy clothes and that’s why I’ve had to purchase shoes for my daughter’s wedding and rehearsal dinner this summer and again now for son’s wedding and rehearsal lunch.  I’m mainly a blue jeans and tennis shoes or flip flops kind of person.  Dresses and heels are far and few between in my closet.

This past weekend my second oldest son and his girlfriend came for a visit.  They came in Friday late afternoon and they may be heading home today.  It’s been a very laid back, relaxing weekend.  The girlfriend was at a bachelorette party over the weekend (what is it with all these weddings?)  We picked her up on Sunday while we were out riding around looking at places for middle son to lease.  Yep, the one who is getting married and lives at home whose girlfriend still lives with her parents, yes, they are getting married in two and a half weeks and don’t want to live with either set of parents at that point in time. They actually found a place yesterday and put a contract on it.  They have yet to hear if it was accepted, but there shouldn’t be any problem with that.  Hopefully, they will be moving in this coming weekend!

Anyway, second oldest son’s girlfriend went shopping with me Monday and Tuesday and helped find the perfect invitations for the rehearsal lunch and the pair of shoes.  It’s nice spending time with her.  This isn’t the one that treated me to a manicure and a pedicure a few weeks back; that was oldest son’s girlfriend.  Yes, with five kids, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everyone.  Imagine what it will be like when they all start having kids?  I can’t wait 😀

shoes  What do you think of the shoes?


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