Parenting post 9

Hubby and I babysat dog-sat this weekend.  Oldest son and his girlfriend drove three hours to bring us his two doggies last Thursday afternoon.   Girlfriend’s doggie (the puppies’ momma) got to go with them for their weekend getaway with her family.  They stayed the night before heading off to a weekend rental on a lake back in the direction they had come from, probably a 4 hour trip this time.  The girlfriend and I went to a nail salon Thursday went they got in.  We had manicures and pedicures just for the fun of it!   We sprung for the $18 pedis since the manis were only $12.  I have only had my nails done four times in my life now, so this isn’t a regular thing for me!  Girlfriend finished first and paid for mine and wouldn’t let me pay her back.  That was very sweet of her.   

The owner also has a cleaners/alteration shop next door, so before getting my nails done I asked her about altering the dress I bought for middle son’s wedding next month.  Did I forget to tell you that I found a dress????  That’s right, I only got it last Thursday and I haven’t blogged since Thursday morning. 

What a fiasco led up to purchasing the dress; I had found it the Sunday before at a nearby department store and tried it on.  It’s a size 10 and should fit fine, but I’m not as well endowed up top as most size 10 women and this dress was meant to be fitted.  I was hoping they could check their computer and find a size 8 I could try on at another location, but their server was down.  I ran some other errands and then decided that since it was marked down 60% from $54 to $21.60, I’d go ahead and get it and spend the money to have it altered.  I go back to the store; it couldn’t have been more than an hour and a half since I had tried it on and I couldn’t find the dress.  I enlisted the help of a clerk and she couldn’t find it either.  It was not in the dressing rooms, it was not on any of the racks, it was not in the back storeroom, it had either been bought, shoplifted or evaporated into thin air.  The store is small enough that I would have noticed if someone was walking around holding it.  I suppose there was a slight chance someone else was trying it on during those 15 minutes we were scouring the store for it.

On Tuesday, I went to three other locations within about a five mile radius (I know, that’s a lot of the same stores in such a small area, isn’t it?)  I found two more size tens, but each one had snags in the material (mental note, be careful, this material apparently snags easily!) and a size 16.  I stopped at the mall between store hopping to begin the search for a different dress because it was looking grim at this point that I would find a size 10 in good condition, even less chance I’d find a size 8.  Three stores and thirty dresses later I disappointingly headed for home empty handed.

Then on Thursday after subbing at the pre-school, I gave the original store one last chance, just on the off chance that the dress had re-materialized and guess what?  It was there, on the rack, waiting as pretty as can be, no snags, size 10, just waiting for me!  I grabbed it, found a little clutch to go with it, looked for shoes, no luck there, then made a beeline for the register.  And guess what else???  Red line clearance items were marked down an additional 40% so my dress cost me only $12.96!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?  Ok, don’t start adding up how much I spent in gas flitting from place to place in search of it.  For some reason the universe did not want me to purchase this dress until this day.  Who am I to disagree or complain?

So, I dropped off the dress for altering, estimated cost of altering: $29.  I picked it up on Saturday, final alteration cost, wait for it      ………… $20!!!!   It wasn’t as difficult as she had thought it was going to be!  Yippee!  If she was just trying to ensure repeat business, good ploy on her part.

Are you scratching your head wondering how this post relates to parenting?  Well, that’s parenting in your fifties (for me anyway.) Parenting grown children can involve dog-sitting, spending time with your son’s girlfriend, trying to find the perfect dress for another son’s wedding and always looking for a great deal.

   photo 1                   photo 2

Not the best before and after photos.  It’s hard to see the difference.  It’s very subtle, but it feels so much better for the darts to hit where they are supposed to and not have all that extra material bunching up where it’s suppose to be filled out!    


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