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See the picture up above?  That’s a picture from my desk back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.  I came across a journal entry last week that mentioned me deciding to purchase that typewriter.  I thought it might be fun to type up that journal entry here for a day in the life of … sort of post.  So, here goes:

March 14, 1989

It’s after 9:00 pm.   Hubby had to go back to work to write a contract earlier this evening.  At least we all got to sit at the table together at suppertime, even though the big guys – 1 & 2 didn’t eat.  They had eaten Raisin Bran around 5:00.  So of course after we read for over 30 minutes and turned the lights off 1 said, “I’m hungry.”  Then “I’m starving.”  So I told him that if he was still awake after 3 fell asleep that we’d get up and he could eat.  So then 2 said, “I’m getting up, too!”  But what happened is what usually happens when you have three tired guys in a nice soft bed with the lights off and the fan on, they fell asleep.  And that’s why I have some quiet time to myself.

First, I cleaned up the kitchen, then I cleaned off my desk a little and then I decided to break in this book.  Hubby brought it home for me last week.  The boys had asked him for a surprise so he stopped at the dollar store on his way home from work.  He bought 1& 2 plastic crossbows, 3 a slinky and me this book.  I thought about using it to keep track of time and money spent on LLL but that wouldn’t fill it up too fast.  This is a much better purpose.  My mom always wanted to write a book and here I am doing it.  Even if no one ever reads it – I’ll have written it.  I don’t consider it a journal or a diary – this is going to be a history book, the story of day to day happenings of our family.  I won’t be writing in it every day but I’ll try and write often.  I want to write about the everyday things as well as big events.  When I think back to my childhood I don’t remember a lot of the everyday stuff and I doubt my kids will either, so maybe this book will help jog their memories and they’ll know what kind of things we did day to day.

Today was a big day because Hubby brought home a bicycle and child’s seat form K-mart.  He spent just under $100 (That might be interesting in years to come to know what it cost.)  So of course we had to go on a bike ride!  1, 2, 3 and I rode to the park.  We stopped and played and then headed for home.  We made a detour and went to the bike trails in the woods close by the house.  1 & 2 took a few hills and then we went home.

Today is also a big day because I got a letter from B asking me if I wanted to take over her DA (District Advisor) position in LLL.  She has become an AACL (Associate Area Coordinator of Leaders).  I have not answered her yet but the answer is YES.  I’m excited because I’ve only been a Leader for 1 ½ years yet they (B and J {the ACL}) feel I have what it takes to be a DA.  I mentioned it to Hubby and he thought I should do it.  I told him that I’d want a typewriter and he said sure!

So that was a typical day in my household when I was a young mother of three boys doing volunteer work for a breastfeeding support group and my husband was building and selling houses.  Let’s compare to nowadays.  I don’t have that typewriter anymore or the desk.  I do have the same hubby and the three boys were followed up by girl/boy twins a year and a half after that entry.  I am still a Leader with the same breastfeeding support Group, but we don’t have DAs anymore.  We call them Area Contacts now.  The last bicycle we bought a couple of years ago was around $100, this time at Walmart.  I didn’t stick to the writing too well at that point in time, the next entry was February 3, 1992, almost three years later!!!  But I do have several of these “books” that I’ve written in over the years.  Last week was the first time I’ve gone back into any of them.  Whenever I get bloggers’ block, I’ll just pull out a journal and type up a post from one of the entries.  That’ll be easy :-D.

1989  AZ - Copy


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