Education: post 8

Let me start off with an update from yesterday’s post.  I got the email!!!  Yesterday in fact!  Only one business day late!  Now, I don’t need to call and harass them for the location, phew.  I guess I’ll go ahead and let this lead into today’s education post.

In case you didn’t read yesterday’s employment post, I have an orientation for substituting in my local school district this Friday.  From the email, it sounds like I’m already in.  They say to bring a voided check for direct deposit, my DL, SS card, transcripts and to be aware that I will have to get fingerprinted (at my own expense of $47) which includes the background check.  I did that when I worked at the pre-school so I’m familiar with the process.  My sons say that they did the fingerprinting and background check for their CHLs for only $10 and those were all in the last couple of years.  Not sure why the discrepancy in cost.  When I did it for the pre-school it was over $40 and that was a few years ago.

Youngest son who went to high school in this district says to be sure and take a book along if I substitute for any high school classes.  He says the subs never did anything but sit and read after taking roll and passing out worksheets.  I plan on trying to stick with the lower grades, but I told him that I’d keep that in mind.  I have some great nieces and nephews in a local elementary and middle school, so, I’m hoping to get to see them occasionally.  I’ve heard that if the teachers like you they can actually request you.

My daughter who lives in a town about three hours away asked me to apply to sub in her district so that if she goes out of town, I could apartment sit, take care of her dog and substitute her kindergarten class!  She got really excited saying, “Oh gosh, Mom, I’d be so comfortable leaving my kids in your hands!”  That made me feel special  😀

I checked into it online, but her district requires subs to actually have a state teaching certificate which requires at least a bachelor’s degree and I only have an associate’s.  Oh well, at least I tried.

I have a sister-in-law who is in the science department in a school district a couple of hours away and used to be an assistant principal in a different district.  She told me that administrators always have their eye out for good teachers, that they encourage their good subs to pursue a bachelor’s degree and then a teaching certificate and often will even find grants to help them with it.  I don’t know if I’m interested in full-time teaching though.  I expect that subbing will help me decide if that is a path I might consider.

This post has been as much about employment as education, but it’s employment in the education field, so I figured it was close enough.  It also discussed furthering my education, so that hit the mark.  Ok, I’m keeping today’s short.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a parenting post.


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