Parenting post 7

Wow, this is my 7th week of posting.  I’m super excited that I have kept this blogging thing going this long.  Are any of you still out there reading?  Do you have any suggestions for me?

Ok, parenting… let’s see.  Today, youngest son got home for his 2 weeks off.  You know, it’s not actually a full 2 weeks.  He travels out of town to work on a Tuesday, one of his days off, then he works 2 weeks straight and flies home on a Wednesday, another of his days off.  So, technically he gets 12 days off that don’t involve traveling for work.  And out of those 12 days are 2 weekends, so that’s another 4 days that aren’t really like days that are given to him, so he gets 8 days off for working 14 days straight which are 12 hour work days.  That makes 168 hours worked and another 2 full days of travel which adds up to another 12 hours at least.  Hmm, that adds up to 180 hours.  If he worked a regular job he’d only work 160 hours in 4 weeks, so even if you don’t count the travel hours, he’s 8 hours over a regular job.   In my opinion, I think it’s worth it.   I think it’s nice having all those days off together like that.

Last weekend, my second oldest son and his girlfriend and their dog came for a visit.  They got in Thursday evening and stayed ‘til Monday mid-morning.  It was a very relaxing visit.  The girlfriend and I went shopping on Friday.  I tried on lots of dresses for the upcoming wedding (not this son), but I didn’t find one I liked, hence the distractedness during Monday’s post writing.  While we were out shopping, hubby and son took out a ski boat that son had bought last spring as a project.  It wasn’t running when he bought it.  He and his dad messed around with it, but son was taking classes for his masters’ and the boat project went out the window.  Late summer, hubby got back on the project and got it running, so they took it for a spin.  It didn’t run as well as they had hoped, so it’s going on the chopping block.  Well, not the chopping block, more like the auction block.

Another old project was recently pulled out of the garage.  It’s an old motorcycle.  It also wasn’t running when he found it, but it is now.  He and youngest son worked on it together during the son’s last semester of college.  They took turns riding it up and down and around the block.  I think it’s going up for sale, too.  We’ve got to get this house and garage cleaned out!  I’m really looking forward to middle son getting married and taking all his stuff with him, although, I’m not sure why I think that’s going to happen.  It hasn’t exactly been that way with the others, so why should it change with this one?  No one has moved into anything permanent, always small one bedroom apartments, so all the mementoes and extras don’t seem to make the move.

Back to the weekend, on Sunday I went with my middle son and his fiancé and her mother to an open house, taste testing at the venue where they’re getting married.  I woke up that morning and weighed as I always do.  I was 139#!!!  First time I’ve been under 140 for probably ten years!!!  I was so excited.  Then I remembered it was the day of the taste testing.  Oh well, easy come, easy go.  At the testing I tried as hard as I could to only put one or two spoonfuls of each dish on my plate and then I tried my hardest to eat just a few bites of each.  There were two different buffets and of course we had to try everything.  And then there were the desserts and I forgot to mention all the appetizers circling the room.  I’m happy to say that I did good and I’ve been either 139 or 139 ½ each morning this week!  Yay for me!!!

So, this is what parenting in my fifties is for me, trying to keep up with the kids and what’s going on in their lives, enjoying their visits and trying to help but not get in the way.  That reminds me, I still need to finalize the plans for the rehearsal luncheon.

Here is a picture of us from a couple of Thanksgivings ago.   I really love my family.  Raising a family is such a fun journey, especially when your kids are people you enjoy being around.  IMG_1909


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