A job from my past with a “twist”

After the auto parts warehouse job my ICT (Industrial Cooperative Training) instructor found me a job at a small mom and pop printing company in the neighborhood.  This was back in the day before most small companies even had their own Xerox (synonym for a copier) machine.  Secretaries used carbon paper to make a duplicate of an original letter, very messy and mistakes made reading the copy difficult.  For big jobs, there were printing companies.  This was also before Kinko’s.  With the scanners and printers on the market today, you don’t need to leave the house to make professional looking copies, but forty years ago the printing business was hopping.

The print shop I worked for did more than just printing.  We had a press to make custom notepads and tablets.  We also did binding, making actual books.  We had this monstrously big machine for cutting which I was not allowed near, probably because of how expensive it was instead of the safety issues they mentioned, although, I stayed away from it for the safety reasons.  That machine could slice your pinkie, heck, your arm off and you probably wouldn’t even realize it for a time because of how sharp the blades were.

I’m finding it difficult to write this post because I’m simultaneously you-tubing mother son wedding dances.  My son’s wedding is in less than 6 weeks.  I don’t have my dress yet, and who knows if I have any shoes to match the dress I have yet to find.  I’m thinking of getting my hair cut between now and then, but am worried about doing that.  I did it before my daughter’s wedding and regretted it, but that is the haircut I still have, hence the reason I’m considering changing styles.  But what I’m spending the most time on at the moment is the mother son dance.  I’m not a great dancer so I don’t really like the idea of being the center of attention; however I know there is no getting out of it.  So, I’m thinking, find something upbeat instead of slow, something fun and enjoyable, not just for the two of us dancing, but for everyone watching.  I’m not talking about doing one of those choreographed dance routine medley things that gets uploaded to youtube even though those are the ones I’m watching to get ideas.  Chubby Checker’s The Twist is one that keeps popping up.  I’m thinking that will be our fall back if I can’t find something else.  Any ideas would be welcome!

Alright, I have to stop now because it would be downright boring to go back to writing about my old job.  Suffice it to say that I did not make the printing company a lifelong career, more like 4 months.  School was almost out and even though they were willing to keep me on after graduating, it was my last summer after high school and I had other plans, a 22 hour bus ride to Cape Girardeau, Missouri with my oldest friend for starters …


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