I started writing my employment post earlier today and it turned into more of an educational post, so I’m saving it for tomorrow.  That happens a lot to me.  Most of my posts turn into education or parenting posts.  Perhaps if I actually had a job or if I was more actively looking for one I could come up with more job related posts.

Oh well, how about I tell you about one of the jobs I’ve had in the past?  I believe I already wrote a bit about my first job on a previous post so I’ll skip past that except to say that it was at the age of 14 and my official title was a water girl at a Mexican food restaurant.  I think I’ll also skip over any jobs that lasted less than a month, if you don’t mind.  No need to take up room with those.

When I was a senior in high school, I took part in ICT, Industrial Cooperative Training.  Most girls who were in early release work programs (that sounds like some prison program instead of high school!) were in FTA, Future Teachers of America or VOE, Vocational Office Education, but I wasn’t planning on working as a Teacher or in an office.  My first job through ICT was at an auto parts warehouse.  I unpacked pallets of auto parts, lots of spark plugs, gaskets, brake shoes and every auto part you can imagine.  The warehouse had row upon row upon row of shelving.  In addition to unpacking and shelving items, I would also fill orders.  There was a really neat system of hanging baskets that moved along a track attached to the ceiling which traveled throughout the warehouse beginning and ending at the front of the store.  I would pick up an order form, go find the item and instead of hiking back up to the front of the warehouse I could deposit it into the nearest hanging basket and it would make its way to the front desk.  For larger orders, I would grab one of the many grocery store carts which I’m hoping the owners of the company had purchased from a local grocery store and not hi-jacked.  I would scoot around the building gathering the ordered items, filling the shopping cart and make my way back to the front when I was through.

This job was enjoyable because I didn’t have to dress up.  I got to wear my funky blue jean overalls.  I could say I learned a lot about auto parts, but I really didn’t.  I learned about organizing and categorizing inventory and it was a fun and relaxed place to work.  I left this job after a few months because the owner’s son and I started dating and after a few dates I was no longer interested in him.  It was easier to avoid seeing him if we didn’t work at the same place.  Ah, the joys of being a teenager.


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