Wide Open post 5

It’s Thursday, topic:  Wide Open.  I have a friend coming to visit today and yesterday I’d driven to town (2 1/2 hours round trip) to do a few hours of volunteer work with a co-Leader and I’d stopped in for a brief, very brief as in 20 minute visit with my mother-in-law, so I have not had as much time to devote to today’s blog post as I would have liked.

I was thinking maybe every now and then in cases such as this, I might venture out and find an interesting article by someone else.  One that I liked or found helpful.  I have not been blogging long so I do not know blog or re-blog etiquette or if there is such a thing.  I normally see a “re-blog” button but on the post I wanted to re-blog there is not one on her page.  I suppose I should take the time to send the author a comment asking permission to re-blog, but I’m in a bit of a hurry because before my friend arrives I really should vacuum the carpets since we had the four visiting doggies this weekend and I haven’t done that chore yet.  This is a good friend so I don’t really need to worry about scrubbing toilets and picking up scattered shoes and nic nacs, but the carpets need a vacuum!  I’m really only using her coming as an excuse to force myself to perform the chore.

Ok, back to re-blogging.  I guess what I could do is just post the link to her article and you can seek it out if you so desire.  Her topic is Elective Home Education  http://wp.me/P16Cko-eb  and she is from across the pond, jolly old England.  I also really enjoyed this post of hers about a project they did http://wp.me/p16Cko-ij  It reminded me of how my kids used to set up shop and sell or trade items with each other, but we never went all out like they did, very impressive!  In fact I was planning on writing a post about how entrepreneurial my kids were when they were young, but I’ll have to wait a while now until you’ve forgotten how clever her little guy is.

Anyway, I hope she doesn’t mind me casting a spotlight on her.  If she does and I need to delete this post, well, so be it, but until then I’m leaving it up!  Have a good Thursday.  I’m off to vacuum.


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