My Labor Day Weekend

five little doggies

Oops, it’s Monday and I forgot to get my post ready.  I do have this great excuse, you know.  Today is Labor Day.  Working stiffs get the day off, so you could call this a bonus post.  But, since I’m not really doing anything else today I might as well go ahead and post.  We don’t have any big cookout plans.  A couple of our kids came into town this weekend, but not because of Labor Day.  My son’s fiancé’s bridal shower was Saturday morning and her bachelorette party was Saturday night.  My daughter came in as well as one of my son’s with his girl friend to attend both of those.  The three of us went to the shower in the morning and then a dinner before the girls were picked up by a limo for their night out on the town.

Of course, since tomorrow is a work day, they will be traveling back home today.  The daughter has already left, getting on the road early hoping to beat the traffic and get home with enough time left in the day to relax and prepare for teaching a room full of kindergartners tomorrow.  The son and his girlfriend have at least half a day’s activities planned before hitting the road.  Her brother lives in town so they always visit both sides of the family.  They bring along three doggies and my daughter brings one.  Add this to the one in our home that belongs to another son who went to the town the other two are visiting from to visit another son.  Did I lose you?  Three kids live in far away town, two of whom came to our town this weekend, while the son who I helped last weekend move home went to see the one son who didn’t come visit from the far away town.  Oh gosh, I think I may have lost you again.  Oh well, try and keep up.

 cutiesI haven’t even mentioned what the son whose fiancé had the parties did to stay busy this weekend.  He still lives at home with us, but we didn’t see much of him this weekend.  He was invited to a big football game on Saturday along with the tailgating before and partying afterwards and then on Sunday he got to hang out with his girl and her bridesmaids at a pool party and then took part in wedding planning activities Sunday evening.  Daughter and son’s girl friend went to the pool party, too.  Meanwhile, on Sunday, hubby and oldest son (whose girl friend was at the pool party) went to a gun show.  Are you getting the picture yet?  There was a lot of coming and going of all family members and we got to do a lot of visiting in between activities, but it wasn’t like they were coming in town to have a Labor Day cookout at our house or anything of that nature.

One of the best parts of the weekend was at the shower, my two great nieces (8 and 6 yrs old who will be flower girls for the second time this year) begged to come home with me.  I warned them that there were five doggies at the house and they were bouncy, active, yappy dogs and they would have to be calmer than they usually are (because face it, 8 and 6 yr. old girls are fairly bouncy, active and yappy themselves.)  That did not deter them.  The last time they were over they had wanted to watch the Wizard of Oz but there had not been enough time, so they asked if we could watch it.   I liked the sound of that.  We snuggled on the couch with doggies and all and I proceeded to nap while they watched the movie.  Nice.  Then a game of Monopoly Jr. and some rummaging through the fridge which produced some leftovers to munch rounded out our Saturday afternoon.  I call this one of the best parts, because since I don’t have grandkids, yet, I sort of practice on my great nieces and nephews.

Well, this post didn’t really stick to the Monday topic of Employment other than the fact that it is Labor Day and since it is a holiday to celebrate the working class by taking the day off I feel that I have fulfilled my self-imposed guidelines closely enough.  Geeze, I could have just taken a holiday and not written at all, so I think I’m allowed to take some liberties.  Tomorrow I’ll stick closer to Tuesday’s Education topic.  I’ll explain how our homeschooling evolved into unschooling.  I hope your Labor Day weekend was as enjoyable as mine was and that you got to spend time with your family and relax and take the day off today.


Aren’t all these dogs just a bunch of cuties?more cuties


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