Monthly Archives: September 2013

Got the Job!

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, then you’ll know I had a Substitute Orientation last Friday.  I promised I’d write about it today.  I went into it not fully sure if it was an actual orientation or if I still had an interview process to go through.  Well, apparently it was an actual orientation!  […]

Wide Open post 8

See the picture up above?  That’s a picture from my desk back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.  I came across a journal entry last week that mentioned me deciding to purchase that typewriter.  I thought it might be fun to type up that journal entry here for a day in the life of […]

The Best That We Can

As parents we do the best that we can at the time.  I would like to agree with that wholeheartedly, but it’s hard.  There were plenty of times as a young mother that I knew I wasn’t doing my best, that I could have done better, but I was too tired or overwhelmed or frustrated […]

Education: post 8

Let me start off with an update from yesterday’s post.  I got the email!!!  Yesterday in fact!  Only one business day late!  Now, I don’t need to call and harass them for the location, phew.  I guess I’ll go ahead and let this lead into today’s education post. In case you didn’t read yesterday’s employment […]

Can You Say Incompetence?

Are you tired of the incompetence out there in the world today?  I am.  I have been waiting to hear about an orientation/interview for substituting in my local school district for the last two months.  Orientation sign up on their website was suppose to open on July 26th at 8 am.  I checked the day […]

Wide Open post 7

I did some cleaning yesterday before youngest son got back into town.  Maybe more organizing than cleaning.  The room he uses used to be his twin sister’s.  He’s never had his own room in this house.  We moved into it three months after he left for college.  His college was ten hours away and his […]

Parenting post 7

Wow, this is my 7th week of posting.  I’m super excited that I have kept this blogging thing going this long.  Are any of you still out there reading?  Do you have any suggestions for me? Ok, parenting… let’s see.  Today, youngest son got home for his 2 weeks off.  You know, it’s not actually […]