The Things You’ll do as a parent

Is this already my fourth parenting post?  I’m excited that I’m still excited about this experiment in blogging!  Are you guys still out there reading?  Should I keep this up?  Or am I just wasting my time and yours by writing about me and my family, my thoughts and experiences, my foibles and my passions?

Well, while I wait for your answers to those questions, I’ll tell you about the apartment cleaning across the state last week.  Hubby dropped me off at the airport.  I only had a small overnight bag and my really cool new bag which my daughter brought me back from her honeymoon in St. Thomas.  Wasn’t that sweet of her and her new hubby to bring back souvenirs for their parents and siblings?  So anyway, I was travelling light because this was at most a two night trip, more likely just an overnight.  I did remember to wear my compression sleeve on the arm where I had lymph nodes removed back in my breast cancer days (still haven’t written that post yet) and the sleeve apparently was a bit of concern at the security checkpoint at the airport.  I did the full body scan and the female TSA agent had me step aside and spread my arms.  She ran her hands over and around my sleeve, I guess to make sure I wasn’t hiding anything inside of it.  I mumbled something about having had lymph node surgery and she waved me on.  Phew, had me worried for a minute there.  I was envisioning a small room with a table and a chair and a two way mirror!  All jokes aside, I do wonder what my body scan looks like.  I did not have reconstructive surgery after my mastectomy; I wear a prosthetic and I’m always worried that they’ll think I’m hiding something there.  I’m happy to report that I got through fine and dandy and was in the air before I knew it.

clouds     After an hour in the blue skies with clouds that looks like cotton balls scattered below me I landed and my son was waiting front and center.  We went straight to his apartment with him apologizing on the way that he had meant to straighten up the night before but instead fell asleep immediately after eating supper.  He had cleaned his bathroom though, saying that he was too embarrassed at how dirty it was to have me see it in the shape it was in.  I thought that was really sweet.  Here he had paid for my flight for me to come help him clean his apartment and he had already done the worst part, the bathroom.  We got to work right off the bat, with him picking up clothes which dotted the floors upstairs and down.  I went ahead and finished up the bathroom (there’s always something more to clean, isn’t there?)  Then I moved on to the kitchen.  Here too, he had cleaned out the groceries that his oldest brother had purchased for him during a visit thinking he was doing him a favor.  Instead, the food sat in the fridge for over a month while he was working out of town and then spending his two weeks off out of town visiting family.  Fresh veggies and steaks won’t keep, even in the refrigerator, for over a month, nice gesture that it was they still decomposed.  Yes, rot they did, but like I said, he had already cleaned most of that out.  I just had to go in and finish up by pulling the drawer out and cleaning underneath it.  Guys seldom think about the places they can’t immediately see.  I also taught him something new in that he did not realize the electric burners can be removed for intensive cleaning and the fact that the whole stove top lifts open for ease of cleaning.  I love it when I can show a mechanical engineer a thing or two!

It’s amazing what sweeping and sponge mopping can do for a vinyl floor!  The apartment entry and kitchen floor when cleaned really changed the whole feel of the place.  We could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I had a small corner of the downstairs cleared and ready to vacuum, but the vacuum cleaner decided to become a fire hazard by sparking and throwing off a burning rubber smell.  Not good.  Apparently it was time for a new vacuum cleaner.

It was also time to feed ourselves.  My son hates to make decisions when it involves another person and what they may like or dislike so he left it up to me to choose what we would eat for dinner.  I don’t eat out a lot so I take opportunities like this and make the most of them.  (I didn’t tell you how many meals my daughter and I ate out when I helped her with her classroom, did I?  I think I just said that we didn’t make any meals for ourselves.  Let’s see, I ate Chuys, the Iron Cactus, Kirbey Lane Café, Torchy’s Tacos, Elevation Burgers {I told you about that one} and good old Sonic.  I think we ate chips and hot sauce and cheese dip four out of five days!)  So, what did I choose this time?  Mmm, the Olive Garden, the humongous Tour of Italy!  Yep, that would hit the spot.  I didn’t want to stop cleaning, get cleaned up and go out to eat, so he just headed out to Target to buy a cheap new vacuum cleaner and then pick up some Olive Garden.  I got to keep cleaning and then just plop down and eat picnic style on the floor when he returned.  Remember, he had already moved all the furniture out of the apartment a couple of months ago so there was no couch or coffee table and he never did have a dining table.  He was down to a blow up mattress and a sleeping bag along with a closet full of hangers and a week’s worth of clothes.

After stuffing ourselves, we weren’t good for much more cleaning, but we did get some packing done.  He still had a lot of items in the kitchen cabinets and miscellaneous stuff throughout his apartment.  I couldn’t believe that we filled up seven large cardboard boxes, those tall ones, too.  It never looks like much until you try to fit it into boxes!  We hit the hay fairly early, him letting me have the air mattress and he took the sleeping bag, what a gentleman.

Morning brought the last of the packing while sonny boy made a run to the store to get straps which he’d meant to get the night before when he got the vacuum cleaner but forgot.  Back with the straps (and a couple of cups of caramel macchiato,) he was able to load up the truck and strap the boxes in place.  I got the last of the vacuuming done, another sweep of the floors and cleaned the smudges off the walls.  We were on the road by 1:00 with the town in our rear view mirror.  Eight and a half hours later we were pulling in the driveway, home sweet home.  Unloaded the truck into the already overcrowded garage and collapsed on the couch, glad to have the move behind us.  I love having kids who I enjoy spending time with.  Even mundane chores like cleaning out an apartment and driving across a state are happy moments in my life.

Here is a rainbow we saw on our drive home.  Felt like it was a sign!



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