Working For a Living

Working for a living is tough!  But it’s much better than living to work, at least in my opinion.  As parents, we told our kids to try to find a line of work that they enjoy and can make a living at.  That can be hard to do if you don’t have any hobbies that can become moneymakers or you just don’t have a passion that you want to be your daily grind.  Then, what you must do is find a job that doesn’t kill you or stress you out too much so that after you’ve put in your 40 hours, you have enough energy to do the things you really enjoy.  Too often, though, you end up with only enough energy to plop down on the couch and try to relax and unwind with some television.

With the current economy, most people are just lucky to have a job.  If you have one in a field that you went to school for or in a field that you have a great interest in, you are really one lucky person.

I’m not much in the mood for writing today.  After spending last week with my daughter, I’m sort of in a funk.  I had such a good time hanging out with her, staying up late talking, eating out once or twice a day, only eating once or twice a day, ok, so we didn’t prepare a single meal for ourselves other than morning coffee.  I’m spoiled after only four days!  Now that I’m home, I don’t want to cook.  I did make a darn good stew the other day, though and some decent ground meat tacos the night before that.  And I’ve cooked breakfast every day since I’ve been home.  I guess I just don’t feel like writing about work, especially since I’m not getting paid for my work.  I do feel like writing about last week though, so back to it.

There was one day when she had an all day workshop to go to, so I spent that morning making the throw pillows for her reading center.  Then, my oldest son picked me up and we hung out together all afternoon.  He took me to Elevation Burgers (my first time there), oh my, that was a good burger and all I had was the kid’s burger!  Then we went to one of his favorite thrift stores, Savers.  He found a couple of Hawaiian shirts to buy.  After that we went to Whole Earth Provisions where he bought a few small items.  Then on to REI where he again found something he just had to have.  Actually, at the last two stops he garnered items he was buying as gifts for others not for himself, so they weren’t things he just had to have, but he does love buying things.  Our last stop was at a co-op grocery store.  I’d seen it several times over the years that my kids have lived in that town and I’d wanted to go, but I’d never taken the time to check it out.  It was pretty cool.

I made some purchases at the co-op, salad makings, dressing, and some fresh parmesan cheese and one splurge on a canvas shopping bag with the co-op’s logo on it.  I tried to give it to my son for his future shopping trips, but he wouldn’t let me, so I gave it to his girlfriend.  We were meeting my daughter at my other son’s apartment for dinner (mmm, spaghetti) and I was bringing the salad.  So I did have one homemade meal while I was there, but all I had to do was bring stuff for salad and throw it together.

If you notice, the only time I spent money was on food (and a bag to carry food.)  There are two very good reasons for this.  One, no income means I don’t spend money except on necessary items and food is necessary (ok, so the bag wasn’t, but I like giving gifts, too.)  And two, we have enough stuff without adding more stuff to it, so I don’t spend money on getting more stuff.

Can you tell how much I love food?  It seems to be always on my mind.  It could be because I’ve been trying to lose those five pounds I’ve carried around for the last ten years.  Ok, it’s probably more like ten pounds for the last fifteen years.  I’ve veered way off of my Monday topic of work, so I’ll close now and go make me a smoothie for breakfast while I cook breakfast for hubby.  (there I go with the food again!)


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