Wide Open post 2

I am really excited that with this post, I will have completed two full weeks of blogging.  I do have a small confession to make.  All of the posts this week were written last Saturday.  Yes, can you believe it?  All of them on one day and on one of my days off!  (Well, not technically, because I don’t count the weekends as days off, they’re just the weekend, but that’s even more amazing that I wrote for 9 hours on the weekend! Don’tcha think?)

I knew that I was heading out of town on Sunday and even though I planned on taking my laptop along with me, I didn’t know if I would have much time to be creatively coming up with four posts.  I figured if the posts were already written then I could just upload them each day.  You know, I think I saw something about being able to set a date and time in the future for them to post, so at this writing I’m not sure if I’ll take advantage of that or not.  If I’m too busy, I just may have to use that feature.   Even so, I’ll still be checking my stats to see if I’m getting any views, any likes, and any comments, so don’t let that stop you if you have something to say.  And please don’t feel shortchanged finding out that they were all written in one day.  I still spent lots of hours, over nine hours in fact writing and editing, so I did put in effort and time and on the weekend, remember that part!

I’m also really excited because of why I’m going out of town.  I’ll be helping my daughter, yeah that little one who cried for her brother while he followed the trail she’d blazed before him.  If you didn’t read yesterday’s post you won’t know what in the heck I’m talking about.  Anyway, I’ll be helping her get her kindergarten classroom ready for her 2nd year of teaching.  She’s in the same school but a different classroom.  She’s moving up in the world and has a real window this year.  She also has a new theme.  Chevrons.  Those zigzag lines with alternating colors.  They’re all the rage apparently.  She used them to accent her wedding this summer and she’s incorporating some of the decorations into her classroom.  She bought some chevron patterned material and asked me to make throw pillows for her reading center and to recover the cushions on the glider that used to sit in my bedroom and I gave to her last year to use in her classroom.  I’m sure she’ll have me running around putting things up on bulletin boards and making nametags for the desks like she had me doing last summer.

Last year she was hired a week before school started.  I was able to go and help her set up her first classroom and it was very special to be a part of that.  And let’s face it, with only a week to get ready, she needed the help.  I don’t know if I’ll get to help her every year, I didn’t think I was going to get to this year, but my oldest son who lives in the same city as his sister came in town this weekend with his girlfriend and their three dogs and I’m going to hitch a ride back with them.  My daughter will be able to bring me back later in the week when we’re all done with her room.  My car needs new tires before making that 3 ½ hr drive which spans many a desolate mile and with not working, I just don’t want to spend money on tires right now.

Yesterday’s post was so long, that I’ll treat you to a short one today.  Don’t forget, tomorrow is my day off.  I may treat you to a Flash!Friday like last week, but those aren’t guaranteed, so don’t start expecting them only to be disappointed if I decide not to take part because the photo prompt does nothing for me and leaves me blank.  I mean, Fridays are just for fun; Friday is my day off.  I’ll not feel pressured into writing just for the sake of writing.

Ok, well, thanks for stopping by.  I’ve got to get some sleep now.  I don’t usually stay up this late, but it was worth it knowing that my blogging this week is all ready and waiting.

UPDATE:  I did learn how to use the “Schedule” feature and loved it.  Each night this week, I re-edited my post (spending probably another 30 min. a night, so you definitely weren’t shortchanged by me writing ahead of time!), found a picture to add and scheduled it to upload at 8 am the following morning.  And, I might add, all of this after working many hours in my daughter’s classroom, then visiting with her and two of her brothers who live in town, and staying up well past midnight.  I am not used to these late night hours, but I keep telling myself that I’ll be heading home tomorrow and I can sleep then.

So, here are some pictures of a little bit of what I did this week, a before of the glider, then an after and then the cushy pillows for her reading center.  I don’t really do much sewing, so I’m pretty proud of my work 🙂

before        after         pillows


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