Nov. 1990

I am a parent, not yet a grandparent.  Grantparenting is not even on the horizon.  Well, maybe the horizon.  I have five children ages 22, 22, 25, 28, and 30.  One of the 22 year olds became the first married just this summer.  The 25 year old is set to wed this October.  Neither one is planning on having kids any time soon, though.  Of course, you know what they say about best laid plans!  Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.  All five of my children have said that they want kids, just not right now.  The two eldest would be ready for children if everything else (partner, stable job market …) were in order.  So, the grandparenting portion of my blogging is for future posts.  Until then, you’ll have to be satisfied with parenting posts from me.

If blogging had been around back when my kids were small, I don’t think I would have been blogging.  For one thing, I don’t think I would have had the time, between the laundry, dirty dishes, grocery shopping and the cooking, (notice I didn’t say cleaning?  Cleaning was low on my priority list.) and of course reading to the kids, taking them to the park and the beach, playing board games and reading again to the kids, and sleeping.  Yeah, I don’t think I would have had the time.  I’m not sure that even if I did have the time, I would have done it.  I didn’t always like the parent I was and wouldn’t have wanted to broadcast it.  I mean, overall, I think I did fine, and my kids are all great young adults, so the proof is in the pudding, right?  But it was hard.  So yeah, the second thing would be the brutal honesty I see coming from today’s bloggers, not that I’m not being honest.  It’s just that from my years of perspective, I’m looking through rose colored glasses, I remember all the warm fuzzy moments and try to block out the mean mommy moments.  I couldn’t have been all that bad if my kids turned out so well.  Seriously, they are fun and interesting and nice and good-looking (can’t wait to see what cute grandkids we have!) and they are decent and honest and smart, too.  I know that I did more things right than I did wrong, let’s put it that way.  I must say that I was only one of two parents, and I think the most important trait a parent needs is patience and my husband has more patience than me.  I’d like to think it was because he was off at work bringing home the bacon and I was at home being a mom 24 hours a day, but I know that’s not it.  He just has more patience than me and came home from work ready to be the dad his kids needed.  I guess I can take credit for picking a good mate to father my children, that’s something.


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