Day 1

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  We’ve all heard that before.  We’ve all said it at some time or other.  Here’s another one; I’m turning over a new leaf.  That one’s sort of dated.  Well, I started a blog today.  Maybe that will be the next cliche.

Every night as I drift off to sleep, I write the beginning to a book, a blog, an article…  Today, I am doing what I tell myself I’m going to do every night, actually write something.  I’m considering it an experiment, that way, if it doesn’t work out, oh well, I tried.

I like to be organized, though, so I have decided to pick 4 different topics.  Monday will be Employment (or unemployment as the case may be).  Tuesday will be Education (or lack thereof).  Wednesday will be Parenting (or grandparenting if that ever happens). Thursday will be Wide Open (as in I’m free to blog about any old thing.)  And Friday will be my day off.  Saturday and Sunday are the weekend, they don’t count as days off.  Hey, this blogging thing has to have some sort of perks and if I can’t decide to work 4/10s or 4/3s or 4/whatevers then I might as well do something else.

Today is Thursday and so I thought it was a good day to start my blog seeing as how Thursdays are Wide Open days and this post doesn’t fit the other topics.  Unless you consider it Employment/Unemployed since I’m thinking of it in terms of an unpaid job.  No, it’s more of just my Introduction post.  Although, I didn’t really introduce myself, but I don’t want to actually introduce myself.  I’d like to keep it more of an anonymous deal.  That way, if it tanks, I’m not so embarrassed and if it soars, well, I can always introduce myself at a later date.

Let’s see, tomorrow is Friday, oh nice, my day off.  I’ll be back here on Monday with an interesting or maybe not so interesting post about employment or unemployment as the case may be.  See you then…


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